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Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Boulder Dash® – coming soon for iPhone/iPod Touch featuring – large scrolling caves, pinch zooming, portrait and landscape play, multi-touch configurable virtual D-Pad controls and original music and SFX. All 80 original caves are included plus 4 bonus screens.

This world-renowned tricky puzzle and dexterity game first made its debut in the early 80s across several personal computer platforms, including Atari, Commodore 64 and DOS. It is one of the few gaming titles to be ported from a personal computer game to a coin-operated arcade game, four different times in fact, and still enjoys a large loyal fan base today.

Après sa sortie sur la Wii, via la Console Virtuelle, en 2008, Boulder Dash est annoncé pour le second trimestre 2009 sur iPhone et iPod Touch !


Le portage sera effectué par la société Chillingo


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